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How homes become Green - National Assoc of Home Builders
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Common Building Code Standards encountered in remodels
City of LA - Type 5 construction - Universal Building Code
City of Portland development services - converting basements garages and attics
What is my home really worth?

Laguna Beach Information Guides
Laguna Beach Design Review Informational Materials (entire 233 page booklet)
Guide 2: Processing Building Plans Processing Building Plans
Guide 3: Obtaining a building permit
Guide 4: Geotechnical Reporting Requirements
Guide 5: Landscape Design Considerations
Guide 6: Design Review Process Overview
Guide 7: Zoning Variances
Guide 8: Coastal Development Permit
Guide 9: Conditional Use Permit
Guide 10: Historic Preservation Program
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Community Development Records

Laguna Beach Municipal Codes
Title 14: Building and Construction
Title 25: Zoning

Sub-contractors: Recommendations for  "one-trade" projects :
Contact us directly if you have multiple trades that are co-dependant or inter-related.  
Otherwise, we can highly recommend each of the following specialized trades.

Masonry                                                         Palmer Masonry
Finish Carpentry (Crown, Base)                 Woodwork Solutions
Electrical                                                        Starwest Electric
LIghting                                                          Lightopia
Interior Design                                              Payton and Andrea