footings or caissons) UP, a soil nail wall can be built from the top DOWN.
 It is typically employed in site conditions where a part of a hill (cliff)
needs to be cut away and retained to make room for a building pad.

The pictured soil nail wall was built in 6 "lifts", each consisting of first
making a vertical cut (about 6-8 feet), drilling 6 inch diameter holes
(about 6 foot o.c.) at an angle of 15 degrees, 55 feet into the hillside.  An
epoxy coated 2 inch diameter nail with centering rings is placed into
each hole, and then grouted.  Mira-drain is placed on the face of the hill,
covered with a re-bar cage and finally with 8 - 12 inches of concrete.  
The process is repeated for subsequent lifts.

As a final, cosmetic step, an additional 2 inch layer of shotcrete is shot
on the entire face,  While still wet, a team of artists colors it, sculpts it,
distresses it - in short, makes it look as close to "real rock" as can be.

Drilling video                grouting video                completed wall video