Due to the speed of innovation in this field, the retention of a good systems integrator is a good idea.  
There is a wide selection of product to choose from, including Litetouch and Vantage.  That being said, the
market leader for lighting is Lutron, largely because of their broad selection of keypad styles and colors.  
The market leader for controlling audio, HVAC or other equipment is Crestron.  The two systems are very
enjoy world class quality and customer service.

The choice of automation features is broad and rapidly expanding and the price point is dropping.  As
such, it might be premature to chose the home automation package at the beginning of a multi-year
construction project.  Fortunately, this is not necessary, as long as sufficient planning has gone into the
"pre-wire" phase, which goes in before drywall.  A good systems integrator, with a solid future-proof plan,
can save tremendous amounts of what would otherwise be retrofit dollars.