Design Consultation
Permits - Planning Permission
  • Zoning / Design Review
  • Structural calculations
  • Foundation / Framing plans
  • Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical plans
  • Title 24 Energy Calculations
  • Wildland Urban Interfaces
  • Building Plan Check
  • Pull permits !!
  • Shoring
  • Site Preparation

Not only is your home your castle, but also,  it is likely the single biggest investment you will make.

You deserve the best.  Allow us to set those dreams free !
Services We Co-ordinate

While we are generally brought in to work with your team of architect(s), engineers, and designers to
help you manifest your vision, we can also build this team for and with you.  As such, we will either be
an integral cog in a larger wheel OR provide you with the full spectrum of design and build services:
from the moment you have an idea about building / enhancing / transforming your home, we will work
hand in hand with you through every step of the process culminating in certificate of occupancy.  

Our motto being freedom, we will free you from the shackles of conventional thinking by helping you
form new, creative, innovative ideas about how to enhance your space.  We will free you from worry
and headache as we navigate the sea of bureaucracy and project manage the construction process,
using top quality materials and methods, by partnering with the best and the brightest, by employing  
first-class craftsmen, all the while being conscious of delivering value for money.  
  • Wall finishes