for a home-owner is often framing, as there is
large visual impact per unit time.  After years in
planning and months "in the dirt", the site seems
to transform into a home almost overnight.  

The importance of craftsmanship and attention to
precision cannot be over-emphasized at this
phase.  The more square and level and plum the
studs and windows and ceiling joists, the less
problems there will be in MANY of the
down-stream trades - in window installation, in
drywall installation, in cabinet installation, in tiling,
in shower door installation, and the list goes on.

In terms of inspection steps, framing is often
considered the largest hurdle.  Care must be
taken to follow the plans precisely.  From a
structural integrity perspective, the proper nailing
of shear walls and ability to transfer any future
earthquake or hurricane loads to the foundation
will determine which houses sustain damage
versus which houses escape unscathed.  Along
similar lines, proper notching and boring practice
for flues and vents and pipes and wires ensures
no compromise of the strength of the framing

Fundamentals in framing walls