The two broad categories of
decks are
  • self draining and
  • solid

Self draining decks can be
surfaced with 2 X 6 redwood, 1  X
6 mangaris, artificial wood (ie:
Trex, etc) or non-grouted tiles.

With solid decks, care must be
taken to ensure  a) proper  
drainage and b) proper

Proper drainage is accomplished
by ensuring a minimum slope of
1/4 inch per foot, either to an
edge where it free-flows, to a
gutter or to a low spot co-located
with a drain if it is in the "field" of
the deck or a scupper if on the

Numerous waterproofing
systems exist.  While most are
effective if properly applied,
particular care must be paid to
perimeters - where it connects
with the house and where the
railing connects