Libertatis Design translates as a "freedom of design".   While for
larger projects, we will collaborate with your architect, lighting
design, sound-system design and interior design team, for smaller
remodels will we interface directly with you alone.  Either way,
you, the client, are freed from constraints brought on by
conventional, unimaginative, narrow thinking.  Creative freedom
is brought to bear in the use of light, lines, spaces, textures,
acoustics, and colors.  Particular attention is paid to all cognitive
senses so that the feeling of the finished space is synchronized
with your energy sphere.

Libertatis is owned and operated by Ulrike Zugelder.  Ulrike's
background includes both Bachelors and Masters degrees in
Engineering from the University of Waterloo, in Canada as well as
an MBA from Stanford.   

Ulrike has had a long career of collecting voice-of-customer
inputs and designing custom solutions to exceed client's
expectations.    Having served primarily publicly traded
companies, the importance of meeting cost and time budgets is
well practiced.

Libertatis was formed with the vision of bringing superior project
management skills and delight-the-customer mentality honed in
corporate board-rooms to the field of residential construction.
Libertatis [                            ]: Latin for: of freedom

Libertatis Build translates as a "freedom of build".  You, the client are assured freedom from worry.  
We will handle all aspects of the design / build cycle in a manner transparent to you.
Our California contractor's license number is 871701.  We are fully insured and bonded.

We look forward to being part of your team, and facilitating bringing your dreams to life.